LinkedIn Finally Jumps Onto The Video Bandwagon

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LinkedIn Finally Jumps Onto The Video Bandwagon

LinkedIn has announced that they are “going all in” on B2B video.

Promoting video content on LinkedIn has been incredibly difficult on the platform with many marketers becoming frustrated with LinkedIn’s lack of progress. Although the user experience has steadily been improving, video seemed like a forethought to the company, until now.

“While video is a proven and popular tactic to engage decision-makers, the challenge has been finding a quality environment in which to reach them. According to an internal LinkedIn study, over 46% of B2B advertisers surveyed said this was a top challenge when running video campaigns on other platforms.”

Phil Spitzer, LinkedIn

Video for Sponsored Content and Company Pages are the two new initiatives that the company is launching in hopes of winning advertisers back to its platform.

About Sponsored Content and Company Pages

Video for Sponsored Content helps marketers achieve their marketing objectives across the funnel by:

  • Building brand awareness by telling rich, visual stories in the premium context of LinkedIn
  • Driving qualified traffic to your desktop or mobile website, and
  • Collecting high-quality leads with a persistent “call to action” button or through our integrated Lead Gen Forms product.

With Company Page video, organizations can now share first-hand looks into their:

  • Culture
  • Products
  • News
  • Events

How Does This Affect Marketing Strategies On LinkedIn?

With video marketing becoming more of a priority on LinkedIn, companies should begin investing in high-quality video storytelling to target their audiences. Whether that is to increase brand awareness, drive conversions, or even recruit talent, video is an excellent way to communicate your message.


Written by: LFDM, Inc.

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