The Not 30-Day Copywriting Course

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Inspired by Gary Halbert’s 30-day writing challenge with a lot of modifications. We will read a lot, we will write a lot.

We will grow a lot.

I’ve condensed this into a few sections:

  1. The theory that underlies our approach to outreach
  2. A Preliminary Practice
  3. The lifestyle (most copywriting books will be focused on this), in fact this will be the most dense.
  4. Practice
  5. Interpretation and Synthesis
  6. Review
  7. Master Practice: Real World Test – Allen Wines

Topics for this course

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Introduction: Watch This First

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1. Theory & Philosophy?

We will be reading two books and writing notes on some of the most powerful classics there can be. It seems like a lot of the marketing world (especially digital) has forgotten these (or never knew about them). Having these two concepts under our belts will make you extremely dangerous.

2. Quick Crash Course and Practice?

We've read the basics, now we "go into the fire" as Dan Kennedy always says. This is an exercise in copy without any pretense, by now we understand the why. This will put us into the "how".

3. Lifestyle & Meat?

Process isn't just instruction, it's how to conduct your life around copy and intent.

4. Imitation

5. Interpretation and Synthesis?

This section will deal with writing for yourself. We'll be reviewing a modern copywriter (Neville) who has studied all the books we did and more (the list honestly is extensive and there's probably 20 or more the 30-day challenge recommends, but this is the Not 30-day challenge), and his interpretations. Then we will be writing to female CEO's based on persona data, and you will be selling -- yourself!

6. Review

7. Real World Execution: Allen Wines?

We have a client who owns a winery that is struggling with its messaging. They agreed allowed us to use them to workshop on. This is a huge opportunity.