Professional SEO Audit Services That Aren't Confusing

You know you need SEO growth, but you don't know where you stand.

Not a problem.

Our Professional SEO audits are comprehensive reports that are actually readable.

Shake off nonsense charts and sheets, and ditch all the jargon and upselling.

Get real action steps that you and your team can execute with our proprietary SEO Site Audit Process, and Search Engine Blueprint Solution.

Read on to discover how we find a clear path forward, and simplify search engine optimization.

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First, We'll Craft a website Audit OF You & THE COMPETITION

Get back on track with Search Engine Optimization.

Being visible for the services or products you offer, right when people Google them, is more crucial than ever when you consider the following trends:

  1. Privacy laws are expanding, limiting targeting methods.
  2. Competitors are outspending each other on digital ads, driving up prices.
  3. Marketing online is getting even more crowded, especially now.

This means the #1 way to drive new prospects to your website is through high-intent keywords on Google and other search engines.

But what happens when you get lost in Search Engine Optimization and don’t know where to begin?

You need help and you need it now. 

And we have it.

We’ve poured decades of experience, and invested tens-of-thousands of dollars to develop an organic traffic assessment system we’re proud of.

It’s one that we’re sure our clients and their businesses can actually benefit from.

Our SEO Audit Process is focused on companies looking to get back on track by offering our affordable, comprehensive, and professional SEO strategies.

We’ll help you get your site the visibility it deserves, focused on your goals.


SEO Campaign Execution with your available resources in mind.

Outside of making cookies, we know cookie-cutter just doesn’t work in a challenge as nuanced as enhancing the visibility of your business.

We want you to be successful, and will do all we can to make sure that happens.

The most important thing for the LFDM team, is to make sure that you are taking the right shots by having a strong, clear path forward.

We do this with a combination of clearly delineated tasks, resources, content opportunities, and strategy breakdown so if it’s been a while, nothing is lost.

Whether you’re a group of key executives, a dedicated marketing team, or a CMO with many hats, we’ll navigate you forward.

Finally, You'll Get SOMETHING that's ACTUALLY USABLE

Not just a powerful SEO Site Analysis, but real action plans THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY use.

Here’s some jargon: Our SEO site audits are comprehensive and include both on-page and off-page research, keyword research, links, missing content opportunities, lead contacts, technical seo issues, and more factors crucial to your visibility.

The words above are great, but if you can’t interpret it, there’s no point.

We spend a lot of time on these, so we want to make sure they’re actually useful.

Our focus isn’t on graphs and sheets with an unreasonable amount of rows and columns.

We want you to actually use our audits to act.

If you wanted to look at a report, you could just go to Google Search Console or Google Analytics. 

Every audit is presented as a full-featured, yet readable, report that is focused on being both understandable and actionable.

And, we include video breakdowns to make sure nothing is lost if you end up onboarding more people into your team.

Robust experience + INTENSE R&D

Get direct Access to our experts

Our team possesses over 35 years of cumulative experience. That’s decades of knowledge working on every one of our reports. We know what works and what doesn’t, beyond claimed “best practices”, or other factors.

We focus on the context of the keywords, the content, the intent, and that puts up a touch above other agencies.

With this experience under our belt, LFDM continually invests on thousands every year on tools, testing, and validation for our audits. 

Experience Matters

We’ve collectively helped setup or improve the digital marketing of over 500 brands and have been responsible for setting up the strategy and procedures for agencies.

Delivery Matters

Context-focused audits with strategy and a blueprint forward. We leverage our experience, and your available talent to craft a bespoke report.

Simple COST: Our seo audit pricing



A Full-Fledged Lay of the Land and Path Forward
$ 3495
  • Full SEO Audit
  • Competitor Audit
  • Website Technical Fixes
  • Custom Strategy With Action Steps
  • Video Breakdown of Audit and Strategy Execution
  • 1 Hour Success Consultation

SEO Website Audit Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, a “SEO audit” is the process of identifying and addressing a website’s SEO strengths and weaknesses. This can be based on a lot of factors, but the most common ones tend to be keywords, links, content, reviewing data from Google Analytics, and scanning a site with SEO tools.

A lot of companies and blog content guides focus on what are known as “best practices” that, to some extent come from Google & Bing, as well as lore from industry hearsay.

The annoying answer: We actually can’t tell you exactly what’s in our audits until we understand your business, your challenges, your team, and the lay of the land with your competition.

The basic answer: We operate on the premise of 80/20. Instead of moonshots that take a lot of time, we try to get you keywords, content ideas, easy technical fixes that can have a huge impact on converting traffic.

Along with this, we outline a full strategy of moving forward based on your resources, and a video breakdown that ensures no one is lost — even if someone else has to take charge of the project.

We like to go with the basics: We view your page as Google does, assess load times, code issues, crawl issues and other factors outlined in Google Lighthouse and Google Search Console. This is the technical seo audit.

Then we assess the intent, review the content, see if we’re not hitting the right opportunities or keywords.

Then we hedge that by looking at your competitor’s websites to find how much work needs to be done to bridge the gap and rank better based on the authority of the whole vertical.

There are a lot of tools that offer you a look into performance, but rather than check, we say you should track. One of the best (and free!) tools that we highly recommend is Google Search Console. Not only is it free, but it’s also straight from Google’s mouth! You’ll get the most accurate report on keywords, landing pages, crawl quality, bad links, and a basic link profile over a 16-month period. We highly recommend you have it setup for your site if you don’t already.


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